The Objectives of the 77 Squadron Association Inc are:

  • The alleviation of distress among members and their dependants. Such distress may include death, sickness and any condition, which in the opinion of the committee, is deserving of assistance by the Association.

  • The provision of resources which, in the opinion of the Committee, will benefit members and their dependants.

  • To provide members and their dependants with the opportunity to meet socially.

  • To make suitable provision to record, preserve and place on public display memorabilia (photographs, documents, etc) relating to the ongoing historic record of No 77 Squadron since its formation on 16 March 1942.

  • To establish a liaison arrangement with the Commanding Officer No 77 Squadron in order to foster comradeship between past and present members of 77 Sqn through a joint program of activity, including social activity, and to provide assistance, as required, with its implementation and management .

  • To provide appropriate support to registered charities, as the Committee may decide.


A person qualifies to be a "Member" of 77 Squadron Association if:
  • he/she has served in No 77 Squadron RAAF, or
  • he/she is a current serving member of No 77 Squadron, RAAF.
Associate Membership
At the discretion of the Committee, a person qualifies to be an Associate member of the association if:
  • he/she is a dependant of a person who has served in No 77 Squadron RAAF, or
  • he/she is a spouse or partner of a financial member of the Association at the time of his/her death, or
  • he/she is a person who has been associated with, and/or identifies with No 77 Squadron RAAF.

Affiliate Membership.

The committee may invite the members of other like minded military air force associations to become Affiliate Members of the Association.

Honorary Membership. The committee may appoint a person, who does not qualify for full association membership, to Honorary Membership of the Association.

Life Membership. The committee may appoint an association member of long standing to Life Membership of the Association if, in the opinion of the committee, the person has worked hard to advance the association.

Application for Membership

An application for membership must be made using the Application form provided on this page .


Annual membership subscription:  $12. This amount is payable at the start of each financial year. 
A ten (10) year membership subscription is available:  $80.00

After your membership application has been received and approved, you will have your username and password to log into our website. Using the member's menu, you can select "Pay Subscription" on the menu and follow the instructions to tender your payment. A member's financial status will be "current" upon receipt of this subscription.
Currently-serving Squadron members, Affiliate, Honorary and Life memberships are exempt from subscriptions.

Your subscription may be tendered via financial institutions or by post.

If by Financial Institution then please provide details as follows:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Transfer
  • Reference Info Used in Transfer
  • Amount Transferred

If by post then please print and mail the Subscription Form for this process.

The Members Only Menu will be accessible only by login of Username and Password and when the member's financial status is current. Access to Members' Menu may be denied if membership currency lapses, however, 90 days grace will be allowed for receipt of annual subscriptions. Contact details will remain on the nominal rolls unless removal is requested.


Note: Please do NOT use this form if your name is already on the Database

Items marked with asterisks * are mandatory.

Qualifying Service

Malaya Thai border
Malaysia Confrontation incl Borneo Brunei
Thailand North East inc Ubon
Diego Garcia
East Timor
Gulf War One
Gulf War Two